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Congrats! You are All Set! Enjoy our Best offer Buy 1 Get 1 Free from Biotec USA skincare store! Just click on the email icon and say Hello. Get Better & Healthier Skin with our Fast-acting, Powerful Beauty products & Tailor-made facials with Free Gift. Free shipping with orders  $199.00 


This facial is a trademark of BIO-TEC USA Research, Technology & Beauty®, featuring a novel time release complex containing functional peptides, proteins, fragmented hyaluronic acid , modulators and vitamins to protect and rejuvenate the skin. The end result is satin-smooth skin texture with improved complexion and visibly plump skin.When combined with LED (light-emitting diode) ultrasound or oxygen infusion for accelerated deep hydration and muscle toning at additional cost, stimulate metabolic rate and collagen production for stunning youthful appearance. Time: 60 minutes Cost: $200.00

What the experts say: “Best facial. These powerful synthetic molecules produced by a very sophisticated biotechnological process work miracles on your skin. Victoria Chapman

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