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No other pressotherapy device can deliver better results than Perfecta Total Body. This unique and patent Sea Wave System consists of three pieces that universally cover the arms, abdomen and legs. Sea Wave technology features overlapping segments which are sequentially inflated before the previous one has totally deflated. This enables a selective and progressive application of pressure without interruptions. The device has many medical and cosmetic applications: Jet-Lagged Circulation improvement/ heavy legs, swollen ankles:prophylaxes of post surgical deep venous thrombosis, reduction of area venous pressure/ pop-up veins, reduction of lymphatic and venous edema 60-70% after just one session, reduction of trans-capillary filtration  Cost: $105.00 per 60-minute session

The aesthetic market offer many mechanical ways for non- surgical body sculpting, cellulite and fat reduction. We use a patent micro-current device which combines two technologies, infrared and muscle electro- stimulation. This dual technology improves muscle tone in treated areas, reduces localized fat on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, helps in reduction of all types of cellulite (compact and soft cellulite, water retention). Numerous therapists dealing with this condition do not understand that the problem is the muscle not the fat deposit. ​So without muscle electro-stimulation and lymphatic drainage, just cooling or heating the fat adipose the results are short-term. Time: 50 minutes Cost: $100.00

We also offer highly specialized treatments such as micro needling for face and body or collagen induction therapy (CIT), skin bio-revitalization with vitamins and placenta, fillers, Aptos thread lift, chemical peels, microdermabrasion with LED. For more information please contact us and we will send you a complete protocol.

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      • Jet-Leg Circulation Improvement/ heavy legs, swollen ankles
      • Prophylaxes of Post Surgical Deep Venous Thrombosis
      • Reduction of Area Venous Pressure/ pop-up veins
      • Reduction of Lymphatic And Venous Edema 60-70% after just one session
      • Reduction of Trans-capillary Filtration


We offer relaxing and total physical improvement therapies such as manual lymphatic drainage massage, yokomotherapia, electrotherapia, pressotherapia. Massage is not a substitute for exercise. Most of my clients go for punishing spin classes, dance-cardio and hot yoga to achieve well-sculpted body but there’s a kinder way about how to best care for our bodies and engineer results, going beyond heart-rate measurement and senseless diets. My lymphatic-drainage massage is a tried-and- true way to keep limbs and waist lean and cellulite -free without spending hours at the gym. Running, jumping rope workout or stretching will stimulate the lymph flow but will not remove fat deposits in some body areas. Lymph lives between the skin and the fascia-the body connective tissue-and it can stagnate there while the fascia becomes tight and poorly stimulated. Loosening up the fascia with a massage or micro-current on a specific mode will improve the lymph circulation and remove the cellulite. 

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Lymphatic Drainage massage

"You may have an arsenal of DIY devices at home but  nothing can replace Tanya's lymphatic massage for face and body."Carla Smith. ​Improve healthy lymph flow, reduce venues and lymph stagnation, puffiness, inflammation and water retention pockets in the body. When is needed, we combine the manual massage with pressotherapy to obtain more durable results. Healthy lymph system result in beautiful skin and healthy body!   60 minutes Cost $130

Equilibrium Massage 

Relax with Tanya’s full-body-scalp equilibrium massage which combines elements from lymphatic drainage, body reflexology and Yumeiho (the original Dr. Masayuki Saionji method). In USA is very rare to find a therapist trained in Japanese Yumeiho massage for  back pain, joint pain, scoliosis relief and total body balance.

  We offer two options: 30 minutes session Cost $ 75.00 

               and 75 minutes session Cost $ 145.00

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