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Shop caviar facial, bee sting facial, deep- pore- cleansing facial, micro-abrasion, thread lift ,suture face lift, non-surgical face lift, Chemical peel for acne, Chemical peel for sun damage/melasma/pigmentation, lymphatic massage. BIOTEC USA is now offering 

Japanese geisha facial. Reconnect your health with our wellness program.

Quite often I've been asked: " Which is my best facial?" The best facial is the one tailored to your specific needs and your budget with a great facial experience. A good facial should address all your concerns and give you the extra advice or treatment you do not expect. My exemplary list of facials is adapt to seasonal skin changes, skin aging and skin disorders. "

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Are you looking for a treatment tailored to your unique skin life, a true skin care Laboratory treatment that goes well beyond basic cosmetics? Do you want to experience an effective body care with the certitude of getting results? Do you want to be listened and, of course, get results? Then our advanced skincare center in Washington, D.C. is just for you. Your skin is unique and has its own DNA print. Why shouldn't you treat it accordingly? We provide tailored pampering and clinically validated services "just for you" with added benefits of original skin care products to achieve best possible results, serving the greater Washington District of Columbia area since 1991. We strive to achieve an alliance of beauty and biodiversity in search for excellence. 

Caspian Sea Caviar Facial- The Luxury Concept in Beauty

get free caviar cream with your first visit value $55.00

 From resurfacing of the upper layers of the skin to promoting regeneration of collagen and elasin fibers this unique facial is tailor-made just for your unique DNA. Pearls of Caspian sea Beluga caviar ( not seaweed in pearl technology mostly used in other beauty products) truffle, grape seed and hazelnut peptides as active naturals, retinol and other actives from science are used in this spa facial  to fight all causes of skin aging and skin dehydration.  This rich, luxurious facial perform by Tanya's Lymphatic massage method restores vitality and improve skin health, complexion and skin texture with lasting results. 

Time: 90 minutes Cost: $375.00

Caught in the crossfire between winter and spring, your facial skin may be having a meltdown. I have noticed that most “skin drama” comes with shifts in the climate since the skin is a sensory organ and the nerve endings of the epidermis respond almost immediately to different environmental changes. To keep the barrier function of the epidermis healthy, we must take an action because only a healthy skin can attract water, keep the moisture and lipids intact, and shield the skin from environmental assaults. The protocol consists of gentle exfoliation, deep-pore cleansing, and Tanya’s lymphatic massage to facilitate absorption of vitamin C, B 6 & B 12 serums to encourage heal -and- repair processes at the cellular level. This skin-boosting process finishes with the application of cytochrome C mask for visibly more youthful and radiant complexion with improved skin texture.With this facial, we offer a must-have facial kit at a reduced cost.

Time: 90 minutes Cost: $250.00......

What the experts say: “The skin looks fresh, smooth and radiant plus this facial comes with bonus of four products, used in the treatment, for home care at 20% discount.”

Bio-Performance Skin Renewal Facial-Get Free moisturizer with your first facial

This facial is designed to reduce recent sun damage and minor wrinkles. It is now known that free radicals are responsible for altering the genetic material of the cells. This process originate all kinds of sunspots, broken capillaries that later may cause skin cancer. To prevent this from happening, our bio-performance facial is necessary do on your fall calendar. Design with unique peeling solution (OSMOTIC PEEL SP, deep-pore- cleansing and application of vitamins, bio-mimetic peptides, premium quality resveratrol mask and snow algae serum. This is one of our authentic and indigenous beauty treatments. The result is brighter, radiant and rejuvenated skin. Launched in September 2016 and rated the best facial of the year. 

Time: 90 Minutes Cost: $295.00

What the experts say: “After the facial, my skin was brighter, smoother and even my facial muscles toned. It does deliver the benefits described.” Nadia Cavasilius 

The Holy Grail of our facials. Removal of blackheads is considered a corrective procedure. We do not pamper you with a facial massage in order to keep cost down and allow us time to perform sterile extraction.The facial protocol consist of cleansing with a product for your specific skin type, GLOW 24 Enzyme mask with rice powder enriched with Arctic berries (sea buck-thorn and cloud-berry) to resurface the skin, minimize pores, improve skin texture and soften skin in order to dislodge junk from pores with comfort. After extraction, we wash the face with pure rose water (Bulgarian Rose Damascena) and apply no-rinse complete absorption mask to hydrate and balance the skin. You may find the cleansing, steaming and mask phases very relaxing and may even doze off. With this facial we offer 20% off Seaweed Soap, Gentle Exfoliant​, Heal-and-Repair Youth-Glow Mud Mask. Time: 60 minutes Cost: $180.00

BEE STING FACIAL with Natural bio-mimetic peptides- Instant Lift

Also known as apitherapia or topical use of natural bio-mimetic peptides derived from bees for improvement of skin texture and facial muscle tone. Bee venom is also described as a natural Botox in some middle east countries and is very popular in The United Arab Emirates, have recently created a media buzz in London. The face’s natural responses to the sensor effect of the all-natural bee serum instantly promotes blood flow like no other aesthetic machine in the market place. The NO-RINSE off Pro-10X Bee Venom Instant Glow mask is applied with Tanya’s specific facial and neck massage to stimulate muscular contraction and reduce inflammation. This process feels like a fitness for the face, neck and even upper arms, it gives the skin an amazing glow and no-needle face lift.

Time: 60 minutes Cost: $ 225.00 Clients Get 20% off Bee Venom Mask and EWR Facial Kit Super Value

What the customer say: “ It feels like a Skin-Fitness with very pleasant sequential cooling -warming sensation for instant skin smoothness and toning. My skin felt very taught and Tanya's massage is just divine." Carla Smith​

The Japanese Geisha Facial

The Japanese Geisha Facial - Launched in September 2018

In Japan, the phrase “you have a rice bran splendor” has been used to compliment a woman’s youthful complexion. This facial is in high demand since I launched it September. A very precious serum from fermented organic rice husk and rice seeds firming mask are used to brighten and even skin tone. The facial begins with gentle exfoliation utilizing a brightening powder. Due to the high concentration of urea and fatty acids in the serum, rich in Omega 3 and 9 plus the antioxidant benefits of gamma oryzanol this facial hold in moisture days- after- days and create a shimmery radiant glow. These powerful skin life serums necessitate only gentle lymphatic massage. Time: 60 minutes Cost: $245.00

What the customer say: I discover Biotec USA skin care on Google and since I'm Japanese I signed up for the geisha facial. I was very impressed not just by Tanya's skillfully perform Japanese facial massage but also of her knowledge. I looked 10 years younger and very happy. I also love the caviar facial" Ying Sugiyama.

What the experts say: “These are powerful medicinal plant extracts produced by delicate fermentation processes and when delivered in a special carrier they really improve skin quality."

High Performance 76 Skin Wellness Concept

This facial is a trademark of BIOTEC USA Research, Technology & Beauty®, featuring a novel time release complex containing functional peptides, proteins, fragmented hyaluronic acid , modulators and retinol to correct and protect skin. The end result is satin-smooth skin texture with visibly improved complexion . When combined with LED and RF at additional cost the results are amazing. Time: 60 minutes Cost: $200.00

What the experts say: “Best facial. These powerful synthetic molecules produced by a very sophisticated biotechnological process work miracles on your skin.” Victoria Chapman

Back Facial

Show off your blemish-free athletic back! In this protocol, we use active naturals with therapeutic effect such as honey-ginger- dandelion thermal (mud) pack. Then deep-pore cleansing and removal of blackheads plus 20 minutes back massage to improve micro-circulation, lower back pain and neck stiffness. Time: 75 minutes Cost: $195.00 Get free Aromatherapy Lavender bath and shower gel value $28.

What the experts say: “It does improve back skin complexion and manage total physical stress, especially combined with reflexology/ foot massage.”Lynda Elliott

Chemical Peels - Microdermabrasion-Micro Needling

Skin rejuvenation is a multi-faceted process addressing pigmentation, vascular problems and collagen stimulation as a critical part of skin repair. Collagen stimulation and remodeling results in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. We usually combine different modalities to obtain optimum results and patient satisfaction. Chemical peels, bio-revitalization/ meso-lift, fillers and thread lift are our preferred method of facial rejuvenation.

Forget about the usual Glycolic peel! Osmotic Peel SP is the NEW peeling solution for healthy skin

Made with Azelaic acid, Lysine global patent, Glyceryl Polyacrylate global patent and GA. Most SP chemical solutions work by damaging the epidermis and do not penetrate to the dermis where aging actually occurs unless it is a medium depth peel, Osmotic Peel directly target damage cells due to control delivery of the peeling agents. This is the most functional SP solution which in a progressive rejuvenation program smooths fine lines and wrinkles,brightens skin, improves skin texture, minimizes brown spots by 60% and restore more youthful complexion. Due to absence of alcohol in the formula we recommend it for all skin types counting acne and rosacea. In addition, to its value as a stand-alone peel it is effective in combination with other modalities and procedures. Time: 30 minutes Cost: $160.00

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