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Our pressure therapy machine is the most advanced total body system: legs, abdomen and arms. The inflatable elements use a sea wave patent technology. Sea Wave is the system of overlapping inflating sections which inflate in sequence giving selective, control and gradual pressure without any interruption. This is very important to achieve effective therapy without gabs in lymph and venous flow. We can modify pressure, pause a section and personalized each treatment accordingly.

 The machine is designed to remove the excess interstitial fluid which stagnates subcutaneously and at the same time assisting in drainage of the vein and lymph vessels. It is imperative to know the anatomy and physiology of the vein and lymph system, which control the distribution of fluids throughout the body, in order to use the machine effectively to obtain best possible cosmetic and medical results especially combined with manual lymphatic massage and electrotherapy


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Washington, DC 20007

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