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Radiance Facial

Caught in the crossfire between winter and spring, your facial skin may be having a meltdown. I have noticed that most “skin drama” comes with shifts in the climate since the skin is a sensory organ and the nerve endings of the epidermis respond almost immediately to different environmental changes. To keep the barrier function of the epidermis healthy, we must take an action because only a healthy skin can attract water, keep the moisture and lipids intact, and shield the skin from environmental assaults. The protocol consists of gentle exfoliation, deep-pore cleansing, and Tanya’s facial lymphatic massage to facilitate absorption of Vitamin C, B 6 & B 12 serums to encourage heal -and- repair processes at the cellular level. This skin-boosting process finishes with the application of cytochrome C mask, facilitate cell respiration for visibly more youthful and radiant complexion with improved skin texture.With this facial, we offer a must-have facial kit at a reduced cost. Time: 90 minutes Cost: $250.00 (note: we use bio-active raw material not an oxygen spray machine with short effect. These devices are for daily use not for professional skin treatment.)

What the experts say: The skin looks fresh, smooth and radiant plus this facial comes with bonus of four products, used in the treatment, for home care at 20% discount.”

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